Podmiot doznający — experiencer w strukturach gramatycznych języka bułgarskiego na tle polszczyzny

  1. Iwona Nowakowska-Kempna


Experiencer: A grammatical structure

The article presents the category of experiencer from the grammatical and syntactic point of view. In syntactic structures it can appear as the subject in either the nominative (e.g. Janek wstydzi się swojego kłamstwa — Janek-NOM is ashamed of his lie) or the dative case (e.g. Smutno mi — I-DAT am sad, Basi jest przykro — Basia-DAT is sorry). A very original structure is the one that uses the subject in the locative case, e.g. Wioli jest żal i tęsknota (Wiola-LOC is regret and longing). The subjects are presented as conceptual blends and described on the basis of a Polish-Bulgarian contrastive analysis.


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Język a Kultura

25, 2015

Pages from 231 to 248

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