Wartościowanie w politycznej debacie medialnej

  1. Elżbieta Laskowska


The valuation in the political media debate

For the purpose of this analysis the author has chosen the utterances of the participants from the television programme ‘Co z tą Polską?’. The pivotal words for the positive valuation in the investigated debates are – on the one hand demokracja, on the other hand – patriotyzm. The political situation in Poland is valuated negatively. The interlocutors accuse their political opponents of this situation. The author focuses on the negative valuation of the words polityka and ideologia – irrespective of the valuation system accepted by the text sender. The language mediums used in the researched material are more rarely the mediums of describing occurrences, and more often they are the ‘valuation labels’, which make it possible to quickly classify the text sender as belonging to either ‘our’ or ‘strange’ group.

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This article

Język a Kultura

20, 2008

Pages from 267 to 278

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