Etnolingwistyka, lingwistyka kulturowa, lingwistyka antropologiczna?

  1. Jerzy Bartmiński


Ethnolinguistics, cultural linguistics, anthropological linguistics?

The article discusses the relationship between ethnolinguistics as it is practised by the linguists associated with the journal Etnolingwistyka and the Dictionary of Folk Stereotypes and Symbols (Słownik stereotypów i symboli ludowych), both published in Lublin, Poland and cultural linguistics proposed by Janusz Anusiewicz in his 1995 book Lingwistyka kulturowa. It is stated that both schools of thought are based on the tenets of anthropological linguistics and consider the mutual relationships between language, culture and humans, pose similar questions relating to linguistic worldview, but derive from different sources and inspirations. Cultural linguistics is not concerned with folk tradition, which constitutes the basis of Polish ethnolinguistics. Contrary to the still present popular views ethnolinguistics is not restricted to folk research but also aspires to investigate standard varieties of languages and also involves intercultural comparative analyses. In doing so it is based on ethnomethodology. The second part of the article discusses the basic concepts of ethnolinguistics, such as linguistic worldview, stereotype, cognitive definition, point of view, profiling and subject.

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Język a Kultura

20, 2008

Pages from 15 to 33

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