Artystyczne manifestacje przekraczania tabu w literaturze polskiej końca XX wieku

  1. Bożena Witosz


Artistic manifestations of breaking the taboo in Polish literature of the end of the 20th century


The author analyses various methods of overcoming taboo in contemporary Polish literature. She is mainly interested in crossing the taboos connected with the physiology (particularly the feminine one) and aesthetics (methods of cultural visualizations of the body, mainly the feminine corporality). She focuses on the stylistic effects brought about by not respecting the limitations concerning the theme and the linguistic form. Different examples of breaking the taboo can be noticed in both the feminine literature raising the issue of maternity and in the literature introducing the drug addiction motifs. The author indicates several tendencies connected with the discussed problems: avoiding the euphemisms, weakening the stylistic marking of the language referring to physiological matters, or ignoring the principle of appropriateness. The latter is expressed by means of brutalization of the language describing the “superior” spheres of existence and, vice versa, elevating the stylistic value to express the “inferior” spheres of life. The language of literature is discussed in spite of the background of the transformations taking place in the contemporary aesthetics and art.

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Język a Kultura

21, 2009

Pages from 115 to 125

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