Śpiące języki, czyli słów kilka o sytuacji językowej rdzennych mieszkańców Australii (na przykładzie języka gamilaraay z Nowej Południowej Walii)

  1. Zuzanna Bułat-Silva ORCiD: 0000-0002-6590-1702zuzanna.bulat-silva@uwr.edu.pl



Sleeping languages, afew remarks on the linguistic situation of Aboriginal people in Australia (through the specific case of Gamilaraay, an Aboriginal language of New South Wales)

The main aim of this article is to investigate revival linguistics, anew branch of linguistics as yet little known in Poland, through the specific case of the recent revival of Gamilaraay, an Aboriginal language of New South Wales, Australia. After discussing the classification of the world’s languages according to their vitality, the author presents the language situation in Australia and offers adefinition of revival linguistics, justifying its relevance to the revitalization of Aboriginal languages, including some that have been extinct for up to two hundred years.


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Język a Kultura

26, 2016

Pages from 337 to 346

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