O wyższości teraźniejszości nad przeszłością — albo na odwrót. Retoryczne sposoby hiperbolizacji medialnej dwu kategorii

  1. Patrycja Pelc



Superiority of the present on the past — or the other way round. Rhetorical methods of media hyperbolizing of the two categories

The aim of the paper is alinguistic analysis of the future — present opposition employed by the opinion-forming weeklies in Poland: Newsweek Polska, Wprost, Polityka. The article presents ways of describing the temporal relation in the context of creating extraordinariness. The opposition is represented by the group of rhetorical tools (argumentum a comparatione, argumentum a contrario, locus nomen, locus ad fontes) leading to hyperbolizing the message.


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Język a Kultura

26, 2016

Pages from 199 to 208

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