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Odwrócić się od czegoś, nawrócić się na coś... Rozszerzenia metaforyczne wybranych czasowników ruchu

  1. Andrzej Kominek


To turn away from something, to convert to something… Metaphorical extensions of selected verbs of movement

According to the cognitive approach, the source domains of metaphorical abstractions are structured through imaginary schemes. The subject of my interest is the source-path-aim scheme. The counterpart of the real path of physical movement is an abstract way, which I examine in a religious sense analysing the differences in meaning of five selected Polish verbs: odwrócić się, zwrócić się, zawrócić, powrócić, nawrócić się. It turns out that these verbs show a different degree of change in moral behaviour. The central point of interest is to me the conceptual Polish verb nawrócić się, which indicates the highest degree of change in moral behaviour.

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25, 2015

Strony od 279 do 293

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