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Kagrestkos i brzoskwiśnia. Wybrane problemy związane ze strukturą amalgamatów leksykalnych

  1. Agnieszka Libura


Kagrestkos and brzoskwiśnia. Selected aspects of the structure of lexical blends

The paper deals with selected aspects of the structure of unconventional and non-serial neologisms called lexical blends. Firstly, an analysis is offered of the structural features of this distinctive type of derivation included in their definitions. The similarities and differences in outlining the structure and borders of the category of lexical blends by various authors are also discussed. Secondly, after presenting selected typologies of lexical blends that are based on their structural features, the relation of linearity of lexical blends and their felicity is investigated. Lastly, some peripheral phenomena that cannot be captured by typologies based on formal criteria are pointed out.

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25, 2015

Strony od 189 do 200

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