Interpretacja PTACTWA w czeskich i polskich związkach frazeologicznych z zakresu tradycji ludowej przepowiadania pogody i pór roku (z wykorzystaniem zwierzęcych//ptasich nazw)

  1. Lubomír Hampl


The interpretation of FOWL in Czech and Polish set phrases regarding folk tradition of weather forecasting and seasons (using animal//fowl linguistic equvalents)

In the article I presented the most important similarities and differences in the Czech and Polish calendar proverbs, in which I concentrated on the domain of animals//birds — I was interested in how on the basis of the behaviour of live creatures our ancestors defined the tradition of prophesying weather and seasons of the year. In the article I also wanted to pay attention to how popular sayings and calendar proverbs belonging to phraseological relationships in these near related Slavic languages were strengthened as well as to show that proverbs can be based on acertain legend or observation of animals//birds life and also on superstitions from which emerge various paremiological relationships which unfortunately go out of everyday use in both colloquial Czech and Polish languages.

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Język a Kultura

25, 2015

Pages from 103 to 119

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