O gwarowych apelatywach odantroponimicznych (na przykładzie leksemów związanych z imieniem Michał)

  1. Renata Kucharzyk


About dialectal appellatives based on anthroponyms (an example of lexemes connected with agiven name Michał)

This paper deals with dialectal appellative vocabulary derived from agiven name Michał. The analysed words were divided into two groups. The first group contains words derived from Michał which have the same form and meaning both in standard Polish and in dialects, for example michałek ‘trifle, bagatelle’, miś ‘bear’, ‘teddy bear’. The second, considerably bigger group contains words which occur only in dialects, for example michałek ‘devil’, ‘breast’ or ‘small iron stove’. The analysis of these words shows that appellativization is aproductive way of creating new lexemes in which cultural conditions are reflected.


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Język a Kultura

25, 2015

Pages from 89 to 102

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