Antroponimy jako komponenty związków frazeologicznych

  1. Agnieszka Piela


Anthroponyms as the components of phrasemes

Personal proper names occurred in the fixed word combinations already in a distant past. This should not be very surprising as man willingly uses the language means which are very close to his/her surroundings to define the reality around him/her and personal proper names certainly belong to such language tools. However, one can observe a rapid disappearance of the units containing this component. There are only few phraseological combinations with an anthroponym which are still in use nowadays — e.g. polegać na kimś jak na Zawiszy; bredzić, pleść jak (Piekarski) na mękach; wyjść na czymś jak Zabłocki na mydle; tłuc się jak Marek po piekle; wyskoczyć jak Filip / filip z konopi / Konopi; dokoła Wojtek; mieć pietra.
The analysis of the gathered material leads to the conclusion that the combinations containing a personal proper name have been specifically jeopardized over the years of the development of Polish language. The phenomenon of withdrawal of the combinations with an anthroponym seems to be typical of both historical and contemporary Polish language. The constructions of such a type are coined and then fall into disuse rather quickly. They basically have alimited range of use, most often they have an environmental origin, as aresult of which they have an occasional character. There has been an incessant selection within the group of the discussed phrasemes — some of them disappear while others are formed in their place, the ones which can rise to the requirements of the reality. They have to be up-to-date in their meanings, representations of the world as well as in their expression modes.


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Język a Kultura

25, 2015

Pages from 73 to 88

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