Specyfika prasłowiańskiej konceptualizacji pojęcia ‘człowiek’ na tle europejskim

  1. Aleksandra Niewiara


Specificity of the Old-Slavic conceptualization of ‘human being’ against the European background

In the paper the critically discussed etymologies of the European words naming ‘human being’ served as means for establishing that the Slavic conceptualization: ‘human being is apart of community’ is an original innovation and differs from other European ones: ‘mortal being’, ‘earthling’, ‘wise being’. The metaphorical base for the Slavic conceptualization was inherited and common for the European tribes, who conceptualized the community of people as aclosely connected pseudo-plant organism. The Slavic mental worldview specificity consist in more consequent and more intensive elaborating of the concepts of different types of human communities within the category of collectiveness and making the latter aconceptual base for the interpretation of the concept of ‘human being’.


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Język a Kultura

25, 2015

Pages from 21 to 34

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