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Ars est recta ratio factibilium. Rzecz o własnościach perswazyjnych wybranej średniowiecznej ikonografi i religijnej

  1. Ryszard Solik


Ars est recta ratio factibilium. About the persuasive properties of the chosen medieval religious iconography

Usually we associate persuasion with the matter of language, but the art may also constitute a space of persuasive actions. The article discusses this issue in the context of selected currents and examples of medieval art and, more closely, religious iconography related to the fourteenth century mysticism. This is the area where art has gained the status of one of the most important instruments of social communication and consequently didactic and persuasive action. New Passion iconography has provided examples, standards, moreover it has motivated activities and attitudes, it has been arousing religious sensitivity, significantly transforming.

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24, 2014

Strony od 271 do 282

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