Elektroniczna wersja serii „Język a  Kultura” w świetle badań naukometrycznych

  1. Adam Pawłowski


Digital version of the series „Język a Kultura” in the scientometric perspective

The paper contains a scientometric analysis of the “Język a Kultura” (Language vs. culture) series which covers 15 volumes including 295 contributions printed in 1991–2000. The number of downloads of the digital copies of particular contributions in the period 2006–2010 was analysed. The total number of downloads exceeds 800,000, but their distribution is very uneven. Several correlations were identified between such variables as the number of downloads on the one hand and the topic, publication date, potential audience and actual needs of students on the other. The research proved that digital platform is much more efficient in scientific communication than printed texts. In the second section of the paper rankings of the most (and the least) often downloaded texts and authors were also presented (totals and for each volume). The results obtained should not be considered as an objective quality measure of a text, but as an auxiliary evaluation tool.

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Język a Kultura

23, 2012

Pages from 513 to 544

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