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Ludowe pieśni żołnierskie z  Lubelszczyzny jako gatunek mowy

  1. Sebastian Wasiuta


War folk songs from Lublin region as a text genre

The main goal of this paper is to reconstruct a genre model of war songs from Lublin region. For this aim the author uses Jerzy Bartminski’s methodology of genre description developed for folk texts grammar, which is based on matrix of features such as ‘situation of speaking’, ‘topic of text’, its ‘intention’, ‘truth or fiction of text contents’, etc. He discusses in details two of these criteria, ‘truth or fiction’ and ‘topics’. Considering the first one, most of the analyzed songs is fictional, presenting models (schemas) of typical behavior of the characters such as ‘parents’, ‘rookie’, ‘guerilla’,‘best girl’, etc. However, the occupation songs, which treat about historical events, are close to the fairground ones. Topics of analyzed songs focus on war fighting and soldiers death, but also on the relation between man (rookie, soldier, lancer) and woman (his love). The most evident is the existential opposition life/death.

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23, 2012

Strony od 419 do 433

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