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Koncepcje stylów życia i  obserwacja komunikacji — lifestyle’owe kody komunikacyjne

  1. Anette Siemes


Concepts of lifestyle and the observationof communication — lifestyle communication codes

The article claims that “lifestyle” is abetter term for exploring communication issues than conventional distinctions by means of demographic characteristics. This approach might be more adequate for structuring empiric research material in the field of communication and language.
The concept of lifestyle has been initiated in the social sciences. Thus, its application to sciences dealing with language and communication first requires anew profile of the concept, as well as a methodological shift. The article discusses selected aspects of this shift. Moreover, it summarizes the theoretical foundations of aresearch project carried out at the University of Wrocław in cooperation with the University of Łódź.

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23, 2012

Strony od 273 do 286

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