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Gatunki globalne w  polskiej telewizji. Rekonesans

  1. Iwona Loewe


Global genres in Polish television. Reconnaissance

A television genre is an important part of popular culture which is closely linked with mass culture, one of the effects of cultural globalization. Therefore, the author believes that television should be equipped with conventions recognisable at supranational levels. A global genre is commonly used in the globalised parts of the contemporary world (in the European Union, North America and countries of East Asia), where it is recognised and fulfils the same functions. It can become global through the agency of media. Although the modern television is suspected of cultural imperialism, not every television genre can be categorised as a global genre. At this stage of research, the author recognises the following as global television genres: debate, feature film, pop chart, news magazine, morning guide, reality TV show, talk show, television quiz show, teleshopping and interview.

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23, 2012

Strony od 191 do 198

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