Kulturowe osadzenie gatunku wobec globalizacji kulturowej (na przykładzie gatunków etykietalnych)

  1. Małgorzata Kita


Cultural settlement of the genre towards cultural globalization (example of etiquette genres)

After definition assignments authoress asks the question about the influence of the entry of Polish culture to the global expanse on genological forms of language politeness.
Contact with the world (direct one or with technological support), creation of networking society, postmodern individualistic tendencies — are main reasons causing for centuries changes in the model of politeness in Poland. As the most important one — culturally conditioned — the authoress considers the change of orientation: from (unconditional) attitude towards YOU to the orientation directed on I.
System of addressative forms is changing. New acts of speech connected with etiquette behaviour like emails, text messages, self-presentation, (self)praising appeared and have been accepted. There are changes in the model: compliment (who — whom — for what). There are also modifications in functions of polite exchanges for example reaction for compliment. However there is no sign of revolution. Traditional model, modified during 20th century, is coexisting with the new one, corelated with changes in the world which is global or being globalize

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Język a Kultura

23, 2012

Pages from 151 to 164

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