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Nadawca w  poradnikach dotyczących prowadzenia domu z drugiej połowy XIX wieku

  1. Anna Tomecka-Mirek


A speaker in guides concerning running ahouse takes many roles

A speaker in household manuals takes many roles. In the article the author elaborates on those which stem from such factors as gender, experience and socio-political views. These roles are: the role of a woman, an expert and a positivist.
As an expert the speaker gives advice on how to deal with household duties and farm work. She informs about the best and the most modern solutions; she gives recipes and alerts to mistakes. As a positivist, she propagates the ideas of the period. As a woman, she makes the text close to an addressee — who is a woman, a housewife and a middle-class member. All these details fit together into a uniform whole and complement each other beautifully.

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23, 2012

Strony od 105 do 120

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