Językowy obraz świata a metafora artystyczna

  1. Anna Pajdzińska


The linguistic worldview and artistic metaphor

Artistic metaphor, in contrast to linguistic metaphor, which is received and understood as all code-based phenomena (a given form is associated with a certain meaning, suggested by context), requires some effort in the process of removing the semantic incoherence of the expression, and revealing the hidden relationships and similarities, both in the realm of language and in the realm of reality. The interpretation of artistic metaphor is very much influenced by research on linguistic worldview. In sense-creating operations, the plane of reference should be the meanings of words and grammatical constructions reflecting the cultural understanding of reality through language. It is also important to know how specific fragments of the world are conceptualized and what general conceptual categories organize the picture of that world. References to linguistic worldview are sometimes very clear, while at other times they are hidden. Rarely, however, is an individual vision of the world totally unconnected with the worldview encoded in a given language.

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Język a Kultura

20, 2008

Pages from 241 to 252

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