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Kategoria normatywności w analizie tekstu

  1. Grażyna Habrajska


The category of prescriptivism in text analysis

Aspiration to retain specific order of the world, to ‘normality’, allows to compare every message to the standard composition of meaning and interpret it appropriately with reference to this composition. Norms functioning in physical reality apply to typical compositions that occur in the world we live in, accessible to sensory cognition. Next, norms functioning in cultural reality (socalled second reality) have a wishful nature described by maintaining the desired state. Among them we distinguish legal norms, ideological norms and social norms. A knowledge of norms is indispensable mean of sense interpretation. Describing the category of prescriptivism in communication requires further research, aiming mainly at: (i) creating the map of normative semantic standards, (ii) tracking down mechanisms of detrivialization responsible for introducing information about norm violation, and (iii) ordering indirect speech acts developing as a result of identifying norm violation.

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20, 2008

Strony od 111 do 118

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