Tabu językowe a przezwiska ludowe

  1. Ewa Oronowicz-Kida


Linguistic taboo and folk nicknames


The folk nicknames belong to the linguistic taboo area concerning both the content plan and expression plan. Using nicknames in rural micro-communities is one of the lingual behaviours which should be definitely avoided in some situations and for some reasons. The very word nickname is treated by the rural community as a taboo word and, therefore, it is often replaced with some euphemisms.

Putting the nicknames under linguistic taboo has the following social and psychological reasons:

– decency, modesty and shame (which determine avoiding vulgar words, which are often the base of nicknames);

– good education, compassion, mercy (which determine the protection of another person wellbeing);

– prudence and cleverness (the basis of diplomatic taboo, which ensures fulfilment of interests of the person who restrain themselves from using a nickname);

– religious factor (treating nickname as a sin).

Therefore, putting folk nicknames under taboo has both a pragmatic and psychological background.

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Język a Kultura

21, 2009

Pages from 233 to 240

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