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Określenia miłości fizycznej w wybranych powieściach Romana Bratnego

  1. Justyna Kociemba-Żulicka


Terms describing physical love in chosen novels by Roman Bratny


Roman Bratny is not quite respected by the critics. The literary historians even accuse him of oversimplifying historical topics and presenting Polish partisan soldiers as caricatures. Bratny writes novels for the people who do not read much. He brings up the subject of “men‒women” relationships particularly considering the physical love. My interest is not in the content of his works, but in the language which breaks the taboo concerning human sexuality. In Bratny’s novels one can find examples of his reaction to the ban on talking straight about intimacy. He uses euphemisms, metaphors and vulgarities but makes quality judgments about most of them. The meaning of the individual terms particularly depends on the context.

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21, 2009

Strony od 157 do 164

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