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Ogień z pogańskiego chramu – sacrum jako domena pojęciowa metafor w najnowszej polskiej poezji erotycznej

  1. Aneta Wysocka


The fire from the pagan temple – sanctity as a source domain of metaphors in Polish love poetry of recent years


The article presents a survey of love metaphors based on the conceptual domain of sanctity. The analyzed metaphors come from Polish poems published after the year 1989. The objects of particular interest are the ways in which the metaphors correspond with or depart from literary and folk conventions of various aspects of eroticism described in the categories of divinity, sanctity or, on the contrary, sinfulness. The research confirmed the predominant liveliness of the tradition of referring to the Judaic and Christian sacred in love poems, although references to the category of paganism, to gods of ancient Greece and Rome and to other religions were also found. The author suggested that the popularity of sacred metaphors of erotic love can be connected with the weakening of the taboo.

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21, 2009

Strony od 145 do 156

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