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Prywatność... i co złego z tego wynika

  1. Andrzej Kominek


Privacy... and what may be wrong with it


Privacy in some aspects of taboo is connected with a word-signal that usually implies the clear distinction between public and private spheres, i.e. it shows what sort of messages should be avoided in public speaking. First researches on the issue were carried out in Poland after 1989. The presented paper discusses negative aspects of privacy, such as an individual’s exclusion from participation in society, rejection of the public sphere in somebody’s life (social rejection), marginalization of individuals or their escape into privacy (which is, in fact, just the avoidance of responsibility), and social isolation. Every above-mentioned aspect is reflected in language, e.g.: isolation, marginalization, civil death, absence from public life, sphere of privacy, escape into privacy, etc.

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21, 2009

Strony od 65 do 71

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