Ograniczenia w zakresie użycia ironii. O kim, kiedy i gdzie nie ironizujemy

  1. Eliza Grzelakowa


The limits in the use of irony – who, when and where should not use it


The author shows in her “The limits in the use of irony – who, when and where should not use it” the limits of language taboo in the modern discourse. Based on the media and on her own research, the author stresses that irony, although perceived as a universal and exceptionally efficient social and political fight tool, has not always been used in the discourse. She notices that the limits are not only for the irony; the untouchable are: motherland, the nation, the faith, God and the Pope. Irony is not used in texts of great social importance dealing with significant and delicate matters, and it is not used in conveying messages which are supposed to be objective and present extremely radical views. The limitations in the use of irony also apply to the technique of irony. Metaphor and euphemism are rarely used in political messages in mass media; in such instances most common are simple contradiction or allusion. The author notices that the authors of ironical utterances are perfectly aware of their persuasive and acting power and the limitations put in the use of irony by them are due to pragmatics not ethics.


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Język a Kultura

21, 2009

Pages from 57 to 63

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