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Dowcip jako sposób wypowiadania treści objętej tabu

  1. Elżbieta Filipczuk


Jokes as a way of uttering the taboo


The article shows that jokes allow us to tell the substance limited by language taboo. It tells about the relation between the substantial plan and expression plan in a joke. The taboo in substantial plan refers to the joke’s subject as well as to the characters and motifs in the text, and it also contains all events pointed out as the causes for language interdiction to appear. The expression plan is, in other words, the way of saying what is limited by the taboo. By virtue of the linguistic form of analysed jokes, including strong language and the way of saying the contents, there have been specified the following jokes’ groups: linguistically neutral, euphemistic and vulgar.


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21, 2009

Strony od 47 do 55

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