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O — Emmanuelle — Catherine M. Kobiecy trójgłos o seksie

  1. Małgorzata Kita


O — Emmanuelle — Catherine M. Three female voices on sex


In the article the author analyses three literary texts — French erotic novels (translated into Polish), which were written by women. They encompass: Pauline Reage’s Histoire d’O, Emmanuelle Arsan’s Emmanuelle, and the autobiography of Catherine Millet Sex Life of Catherine M. These novels represent three styles of talking about sex; namely, silence — d’O erotic metaphor, picturesequeness — Emmanuelle and talking directly — Catherine M. The authors named the sexual act and the parts of body connected with it drawing abundantly from the general repertoire of sexualisms and choosing consistently according to their life philosophy. Thus, they created their personal way of talking about sex. In the analysed instances sexual idiolect as “a code of an individual speaker” reveals the philosophy of life of the conspicuous, female characters.

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22, 2011

Strony od 89 do 106

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