Językowy obraz Wilna w felietonach Czesława Jankowskiego Przechadzki po Wilnie

  1. Kinga Geben ORCiD: 0000-0001-6107-0190


The linguistic view of Vilnius in the feature articles Przechadzki po Wilnie (“Strolling around Vilnius”) by Czesław Jankowski

This article aims to reconstruct the linguistic image of Vilnius created by a famous columnist Czesław Jankowski. Visions of Vilnius that the columnist perceived as terrain (landscape, province, child), residents of Vilnius (well-known people and an assemblage of people), place of the city’s authorities (clerk) are presented. Names of the streets, objects, people present in the text make the special saturation of picturesqueness and emotions manifest itself in the profile of Vilnius as a terrain and Vilnius as residents of Vilnius. Positively and ironically marked epithets defining the city are described.

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Język a Kultura

27, 2017

Pages from 245 to 253

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